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His only request is that he be allowed to bring his smartphone which god allows with a few modifications. To make up for touyas untimely demise god reincarnates him in another world much like one would find straight out of medieval fantasy.

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Anime transported another world the best isekai anime is much loved by anime lovers now because very interesting in terms of stories characters and others.

Anime another world.
Most are based of rpg video games and some are parodies of the others but all are must watch anime full of action adventure comedy and more.
Unique characters are individually moving freely.
Here are the top 5 trapped in another world anime.

As you can see this is a different topic.
This list contains anime where the characters fly away and adventuring in another world sometimes it can be a virtual reality game like log horizon where they must survive and struggles in order.
Konosuba the best part about this anime is the protagonist is pathetic and powerless and the team he builds to try to escape this world is just as bad.

This work really makes us laugh lol.
I guess this anime can be described best as a daily gag anime in another world.
What you need to know.

Complete list of the best person in a strange world anime and watch online.
Because of this many writers are making a series with an isekai themed story where the main character is thrown into another world.
5 sword art online.

Basically this is a ranking of anime with the main characters being pulled to another world anime manga hello guys.
Its a popular theme in anime the protagonist suddenly gets thrown into another world completely unlike their own and has to either get out or learn to survive there.
This anime makes us think we would be bewildered in the same manner if we went to another world.

A person is suddenly whisked away to a strange world be it an alien landscape a parallel dimension an unfamiliar time in history a virtual reality they cant escape from or a number of other settings.

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